Gastric Balloon Treatment Cost

gastric balloon

The Gastric Balloon cost is $ 9,000,000 COP ($2,700 USD aprox) and this value includes:


1.  The Gastric Balloon Orbera System:

Manufactured in the United States approved by the FDA, with Invima Registration for use in Colombia.  Has the highest degree of safety that you can acquire in a medical product for this procedure.Gastric Balloon Orbera System produced by Apollo Endosurgery.

2.  Endoscopies: 

Three in total, are performed under deep sedation accompanied by an anesthesiologist.A diagnosis is made prior to the placement of the Intragastric Balloon and can be performed immediately prior to placement in order to ensure that there are no pathologies that contraindicate the procedure.A second is the endoscopy in which the Intragastric Balloon is placed.The third endoscopy is performed at six months for the removal of the Intragastric Balloon.

3.  Treatment and follow-up with the Nutritionist:

Consist of an initial evaluation appointment and three appointments during the six months for nutritional follow-up.

4.  Complete initial evaluation and 3-month review with Sports Doctor:

It consists of an analysis of your current physical condition and the most advisable physical activity plan that you should do in the 6 months of treatment.

5. Consultations with the Head of the Obesity Group for information, monitoring and evaluation of results:

These consultations can be between eight and ten: one prior to the placement of the Gastric Balloon, one at 3 days after placing the Gastric Balloon, one at 10 days, another at the month of placing the Gastric Balloon and continuing a monthly until the end of treatment.

6.  Evaluation and follow-up with the Psychologist:

Consists of an initial evaluation and two more appointments during the six months of treatment.

7. Evaluation appointment with the Psychiatrist:

Consists of an initial evaluation.

8.  Gastric Balloon removal kit:

Consists of a needle with its catheter for puncture and suction of the contents of the Gastric Balloon and a clamp for the grab and extraction of the Gastric Balloon through the endoscope.

9.  Gastric Balloon Removal:

Which is performed at the end of the treatment at 6 months with deep sedation, accompanied by an anesthesiologist.

Payment Methods

The payment methods for the treatment of the Gastric Balloon are in cash, debit card, and credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Diners).

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