The Happiest Change in My Life

The success of the Gastric Balloonbefore and after gastric balloon


From a very young age I began to gain weight in a very fast way. It became more and more noticeable and obviously this led to many problems: Low self-esteem, health problems and other inconveniences that over time became more difficult to cope with.

To take pills, to go to the gym (for the little persistence), nor to drink drinks served of something, if I lowered 5 kilos went up 10.

After some time, I made the decision to perform some intervention in order to lose weight.

Looking for help I found a plastic surgeon who recommended me to reduce 20 kilos before he could do something to me, since if I did it with so much overweight I would not get the results I wanted. That was how I made the decision to get the gastric balloon.

I made the decision first because I will learn healthy life habits and also because I would lower my whole body not in a single specific place.

When I went to the Obesity Group’s office, I felt very confident and immediately made the decision to do it in this place. Dr. Hector gave me a lot of security.

I started weighing 106.9 kilos and today 7 months later I have dropped 30 kilos. I feel very happy and happy about this achievement.

My self-esteem increased noticeably and from my environment in general I have received only praise and admiration, surprised by my radical change both physically and emotionally.

I thank all the group of specialists who gave me a total accompaniment during this time, I will never forget this great group of work that have united to give a better quality of life to people, I congratulate you for such a beautiful work.

A thousand thanks for absolutely everything, I will remember you forever.


Patient of Obesity Group
Maria Fernandez Correa

* The testimony offered is a personal experience of the author. The results may vary from patient to patient