Today my Process ended with the Gastric Balloon, but I Start a New Life Experience

Today my process ended with the gastric balloon, but I start a new experience of life, it is no longer with me that unconditional “friend” who warned me that it was not possible to eat a bit more of food.

I thank God and my mother who was my support and convinced me to seek help for my overweight before and after gastric balloonproblem.

I started with 80 kg of which I lost 22 kg. There were many diets, massages, pills, surgical procedures and nothing helped me reached the desired weight. This led me to have thyroid problems and not being able to control my weight was very uncomfortable.

I feel proud of myself, I did not think my will was so strong to achieve all this.

Those were days when I was feeling discouraged, wanting to eat unhealthy food, but I remembered that I had a challenge ahead.

Doc Hector an exemplary human being, his words encouraged me every month and made me feel very good.

My self-esteem rose. My family supported me to the fullest, my daughters encouraged me and my husband supported me, although incredulous he realized that I was able to.

I hope you are encouraged, if you can learn to eat healthy and exercise without getting tired and have a healthy life.

Thanks Doc Hector, I take you in my heart, Cris was an excellent secretary and helped me with appointments and Dr. Karen excellent nutritionist and human being.

It only remains to say, may God return it to them.


Gastric Balloon Patient
Carolina Sabogal

* The testimony offered is a personal experience of the author. The results may vary from patient to patient