Physical activity as part of the weight loss treatment with the Intragastric Balloon


The human being since its inception has been active and due to industrialization and technological “advances” is becoming more sedentary.

Before the displacement was made walking, the search for food and work were generally active, which meant a higher caloric expenditure.

If we add to the fact that our body is designed movement, we find the key to maintaining an energy balance between what you get for food and what comes out for exercise or physical activity.

To begin we must define:

Physical activity: Any activity that includes body movements.

Exercise: Any physical activity that has a clear objective, goals and a specific implementation plan.

Sports: Every exercise governed by rules, with specific regulations, a mastery of the sport, a constant training and where the competition is immersed.

Based on these concepts, we must remember the benefits of physical activity that patients with Gastric balloon have when performing it:

Physiological Benefits: Improves blood pressure – improves blood sugar levels – improves cholesterol and triglycerides – helps decrease or maintain weight among others.

Psychological Benefits: Increases self-esteem – decreases anxiety – decreases depressive symptoms among others.

Labor Benefits: Increases labor productivity – decreases absenteeism – improves the business climate – improves corporate image.

Sexual benefits: Increases quality and number of sexual relations – increases the number of orgasms – increases self-image.

To enjoy these benefits, the recommendation is to perform “AT LEAST 30 minutes of physical activity 5 to 7 days a week at moderate intensity.”

If it is a question of weight loss the recommendation is the same, but it increases the time between 60 and 120 minutes a day.


Dr. Cesar Andrés Torres Llano
M.D. Specialist in Medicine of Physical Activity and Sports

Obesity Group
linica Medellin

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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